Pixie (razorbladefaery) wrote in clueless95,

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Come On People!

What's wrong with this community? Nobody ever posts. Get posting! The original creator seems to have disappeared and left me as sole moderator . . .
I have no clue how to run a community! So I'm a little lost. I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me a hand . . . I'm not sure what all to post, or what everybody else is interested in seeing around here . . . I mean, I'd love to see icons, pictures of the stars, reviews, stuff like that, but it's really up to you . . . so I'm saying, post what you want to see, and I'll follow your example and try to get this community off the ground . . . I want it to turn into something great. So, just give me ideas, post away, and have fun . . .
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