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Changes/Random Modness/Promo Stuff

Hey everyone, I'm the new co-mod. razorbladefaery wanted some help revamping the community, in hopes of getting more members.

First, some random tib-bits about moi. I'm a ninteen year old, Irish/Italian, bisexual native of Sacramento, Cali. I'm also a freshman in college, taking classes at Cosumnes River College. My major is Film and Media Studies. razorbladefaery is my younger sister. Anything else, just ask.

Now, on to the community related issues. There's a new layout as well as new user info. Both were a little...blinding. No offense to the previous mod, but seriously, this isn't a Vegas community. Everything is more themed towards the movie and personalities of the characters. There are also promotion banners (behind the cut). Feel free to use them to help promote the community to get new members. Also, if anyone has banners they've made or if anyone wants to make more, go right ahead! The more the merrier.

Lastly, there are going to be icon challenges, and possibly fic challenges. These will probably happen later on, when there are more people to compete.

That's all that I have to say for now. Here are the promo banners:

Made by gyrffindor_lg



All three by jedi_mindtrucks [my icon community]

Your new co-mod
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