Taken From Your Lips, A Hallelujah (flitterbye) wrote in clueless95,
Taken From Your Lips, A Hallelujah

New Here

☆ Name: Charli*Ann
☆ Gender: Female
☆ Birthday: August 13
☆ Location: Oregon
☆ What Clueless character are you most like: Cher, I'd say, only less Clueless
☆ What Clueless character are you least like: De
☆ Favorite quote(s): I haven't seen the movie enough times to have any favorite quotes memorized, but I do like the speech Cher gives in the beginning.
☆ Favorite songs from the soundtrack: I like most of them. I'm partial to 'Kids in America' though
☆ Top three favorite movies: Besides Clueless, Moulin Rouge, The Little Mermaid, and 50 First Dates
☆ Anything else: Well, I've just seen 'Clueless' for the first time and I loooooooooove it. And I'm a total drama kid. Just so you've been warned.
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